The Red Certificate - 100 Years Anniversary for the First Zionist Labour Federation
Amal's Special Broadcast Calling for the Return of all Hostages
An Interview with the Principal of Ofakim Interdisciplinary School talking about October 7 atrocities that hit his school students
Amal Group Israel
An Interview with Karen Tal, CEO of Amal Educational Network on the start of the new School Year, September 1 2023
2013 Video on the Negotiation Program with the US Embassy and Harvard University
A 2017 Video showing a unique way to learn: Life Wide Learning
Promotional Trailer for Strangers No More", an Oscar Winning Short Documentary from 2011 featuring Karen Tal, now CEO of Amal Educational Network who back then led the School to Success.
Karen Tal, CEO of the Amal Educational Network, gives a TED Talk, 2007
Amal Educational Network concentrates efforts for the IDF Soldiers and torn Communities in the Nrth and the South of Israel
Strangers No More Wins an Oscar for 2011 Best Short Documentary. The film features Amal's CEO Karen Tal speaking on her experience as Principal of a unique school in the South of Tel Aviv

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