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The “Black Shabbat” caught Amal amidst a transformative change in its educational approach. In one day, our sense of normality, security and trust were shattered in face of an unprecedented evil. The Amal school community has lost 38 members on October 7th 2023 and during the war that followed. The heavy toll on our community was immediate. The southern town of Ofakim, where Amal operates three schools was under siege by Hamas terrorists and our students witnessed some unbelievable incidents that led to emotional distress. The sudden attack also led many to leave their homes in the south and north of Israel. Amal Network has absorbed with compassion many of the displaced students to its schools. As educators, we were determined to do our utmost to bring our teachers and students back to school and let them feel that it was their safe zone. To date, most of our 30,000 students are back in school, but the challenges are many, unprecedented, and must be addressed immediately.

Donate to Israel – The Time Is Now


As a result of the ongoing war, Israeli government has recently announced heavy cut backs in all government ministries in an effort to restore Israeli economy. It is in this context that the Amal community of 100,000 people seeks philanthropic investments to ensure its financial resilience and provide its students with the social, emotional and financial support they need to get back on track. Our Jewish values and Israeli heart will never let us leave anyone behind and this is why we reach out for philanthropists who believe in the power of education to change reality. Please go through our projects, designed to restore hope and trust and bring back the joy of learning. Your support in Israel and the children of Amal has never been so important. Thank you.

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