They include the following:

Amal Ahed Hura; Amal AlSayed; Amal Zarzir; Amal Rahat; Amal Reut In Beer Sheva; Amal Kasra Samia; Amal Yanuch Jat; Amal Nofarim in Tiberia; Amal Interdisciplinary School in Petach Tikva; Amal Alef in Petach Tikva; Amal Shevach Mofet in Tel Aviv; The Max Fein Vocational High School in Tel Aviv; Amal Lady Davis in Tel Aviv; Amal Dekel Vilnai in Ma’Aleh Adomim; Amal Space and Aviation in Ma’Aleh Adomim; Amal Interdisciplinary High School of Emek Harod; Amal Hadera for Sciences and the Arts; Amal Holtz (operates jointly with Israeli Air Force); Amal Interdisciplinary Yigal Alon High School of Ramla; Amal Ramot in Beer Sheva, Amal Amirim in Ofakim; Amal Vocational High School in Ofakim; Amal Shvilei Eitam in Ofakim; Amal Interdisciplinary High School in Zafet; Amal Lady David in Jerusalem; Amal Bnot Zion in Jerusalem; Amal Atarot of Jerusalem; The Moshe Koe Youth Center of Ashdod; Amal Vocational High School of Ramla; Amal Interdisciplinary High School of Taibe; The Atili High School of Tirah; Ibrahim Kassem High School of Tirah; The Interdisciplinary High School of Achvah of Nauara; Amal Interdisciplinary High School of Ilut; Amal Vocational High School of Tirah;

Strengthening the Amal Community Amidst Financial Challenges

In the wake of governmental budget reductions due to recent conflicts and economic recovery efforts, the Amal network—home to a community of 100,000—is turning to philanthropic support to sustain its educational mission. This crucial moment calls for solidarity to uphold our Jewish values and Israeli spirit, ensuring that no member of our community is left unsupported. We invite you to explore and contribute to our carefully crafted projects, aimed at reigniting the passion for learning and providing essential social and emotional assistance. Donate to Israel, your generosity is now more pivotal than ever in supporting the youth of Amal and the future of Israel. Thank you for your unwavering support.