Emergency Appeal

Amal Educational Network is still in mourning. Most people in our network: educators, administrative staff, families, and students have either experienced the atrocities firsthand or know many who have been injured or lost their lives. Many from the Amal community are familiar with the hostages who are still held in Gaza, while others are coping with missing members of family who have not yet returned from military service, after many days away from home. These are days of grieving and coping, weighing heavy on our teachers, students, parents, and administrators, also from Amal headquarters. As an educational network, we are committed to addressing the needs of our whole community, irrespective of religion or creed. As such, we immediately began the healing process. We conducted a comprehensive survey to assess the needs of our community. We received about 10,000 responses from our diverse 50 schools. Analyzing the results, we learned that the three most immediate needs are sheltered spaces, emotional support, and the need for equipment necessary for distance learning. In addition, Amal is determined to provide support for every family who is struggling due to war-related circumstances. For this reason, we have launched a new Scholarship Fund that will aid with basic needs so that the student will not miss a day in school due to his family's economic situation. Amal is doing its utmost to provide these needs for its community through governmental funds, local authorities' support, and its philanthropic partners.

Support Israel's Recovery: Donate to the Amal Community

Amidst severe budget reductions by the Israeli government due to war and economic rebuilding efforts, the Amal community, numbering 100,000, is in dire need of philanthropic aid. Our mission is to provide our students with the necessary social, emotional, and financial support during these challenging times. Rooted in Jewish traditions and the resilient Israeli spirit, we are dedicated to leaving no one behind. We urge you to explore and support our initiatives, which are aimed at restoring hope and enhancing the educational journey of our youth. Your donation to support Israel, particularly the children of Amal, plays a critical role now more than ever. We are profoundly grateful for your generosity.

Urgent Need for Shelters and Protected Spaces

In the wake of the prolonged conflict and heightened security threats facing Israel, the need for fortified shelters and protected spaces within Amal Educational Network schools has become an urgent priority. The relentless War in Gaza, ongoing rocket threats from multiple borders, and the ever-present danger demand a thorough reassessment of the safety measures in our educational institutions. Many shelters, some outdated and in disrepair, need immediate attention to ensure they can serve as secure havens in times of peril. While the government covers the cost of repairing schools that have already suffered damage, Amal seeks your support for the renovation of shelters in schools that require upgrading. These spaces, vital for the safety and well-being of students and educational staff, must not only meet safety standards but also serve as inviting sanctuaries during times of crisis. Your contribution will directly impact the lives of countless students and educators, providing them with a sense of security and resilience amidst the uncertainties of conflict.

Computer for Every Child: Bridging the Digital Divide

In the wake of the ongoing conflict and displacement in Israel, the educational landscape faces unprecedented challenges, particularly for children from low socio-economic backgrounds who have been forced to stay home. The trauma experienced by these students, coupled with the disruption of traditional schooling, necessitates urgent intervention. Providing every student in Amal schools with a portable computer is not merely a response to the immediate crisis but a strategic investment in the future resilience of these young minds. These computers will serve as a lifeline, enabling remote learning and reconnecting students with their classrooms. Your support can mitigate the impact of war-induced trauma on education, empowering these children to regain a sense of normalcy, continuity, and hope. By donating towards this initiative, you contribute to bridging the educational gap created by the conflict, ensuring that every child has the tools they need to overcome adversity and continue their educational journey.

Emotional Support Program: Caring for Our Students' Well-being

Establishing an Emotional Support Program within the Amal Educational Network is vital in addressing the multifaceted challenges students with complex backgrounds encounter. These difficulties, stemming from familial issues or struggles in middle and high school, require a holistic approach that extends beyond traditional education. The program serves as a lifeline, offering weekly workshops and personalized one-on-one sessions facilitated by dedicated counselors. Therapeutic activities like art, music, bibliotherapy, and psychodrama provide a safe space for students to navigate their emotions and forge connections to their well-being. It’s not just about academic assistance; it’s a testament to Amal as a second home, where trust, care, and compassion thrive. By investing in this program, we send a resounding message to these students: Amal is not just a school; it is a sanctuary of support, understanding, and encouragement. Together, let’s create an environment where every student feels seen, heard, and valued, fostering emotional resilience and fortifying the bonds that make Amal a truly transformative educational community.

Scholarships for Students in Need: Ensuring Educational Continuity

The Amal Scholarship Program is a visionary initiative that stands to make a profound impact on the lives of students hailing from diverse backgrounds. In embracing the principles of inclusivity, this scholarship program becomes a beacon of opportunity for those who may face additional challenges in their educational journey. Amal schools often serve as the last educational framework where students receive specialized and intensive support. Without these scholarships, these invaluable students may be at risk of leaving the educational system altogether, missing out on the tailored assistance that can empower them to become active and contributing members of Israeli society. Your support for this scholarship program is an investment not only in individual educational pursuits but in fostering a truly diverse, inclusive, and empowered community within the Amal Educational Network. Together, we can ensure that every student, regardless of their background or ability, has the opportunity to thrive and contribute meaningfully to the multifaceted society in Israel.