Donate to Israel: Our Partners Fueling Educational Change

Amal Thanks its philanthropic Foundations who have supported its endeavours over the years and enabled the Implementation of the Zionist Dream through Education. Each contribution from our partners helps to bridge gaps in education, ensuring that every student has the tools they need for success in a rapidly evolving world. Together, we’re sustaining Israel’s education and making sure that despite the conflicts and constant challenges, our children will have the knowledge and skills they need to navigate the complex world of tomorrow and to secure a stronger Israel.

The Eldee Foundation

Schusterman Family Philanthropies

The Charles Bronfman Prize

The Gottesman Fund

The Sobell Foundation

Trump Foundation

The Kirsh Foundation

Stanley and Joyce Black Family Foundation

Donate to Israel: Our Partners Fueling Educational Change

Celebrating Our Partnerships

Amal Educational Network’s partnerships are a testament to the power of collaboration in driving educational progress. Each partnership is a celebration of shared goals, bringing unique strengths and resources to the table. These alliances enable Amal to offer diverse, innovative educational programs and provide students with the necessary skills to thrive. Our partners’ involvement is crucial in promoting inclusive education and fostering a sense of community. Their support extends beyond financial contributions, encompassing mentorship, expertise, and a shared commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders. Together, we not only celebrate the success of our joint initiatives but also the enduring impact on Israeli society.

Collaborate with Us for a Brighter Future

Amal Educational Network invites you to join hands in our endeavor to illuminate the path of education for countless students. Your collaboration can spark transformative change, creating a ripple effect that empowers young minds to achieve their fullest potential. By partnering with us, you invest in a brighter future, where education is the cornerstone of societal development and individual growth. Together, we can build a legacy of knowledge, innovation, and opportunity for generations to come.

Strengthening the Amal Community Amidst Financial Challenges

In the face of recent conflicts and the subsequent economic recovery efforts that have led to significant governmental budget cuts, the Amal network—an expansive community of over 100,000—is now seeking philanthropic support to continue its vital educational work. This urgent call underscores the need for solidarity, drawing upon our deep-rooted Jewish values and the indomitable spirit of Israel, to ensure that every member of our community is afforded the support they need. We invite you to discover and donate to our thoughtfully designed projects, aimed at fostering a renewed enthusiasm for learning and providing crucial social and emotional support. Your decision to donate to Israel by supporting the Amal network plays a critical role at this juncture, directly benefiting our youth and paving the way for a brighter future for Israel. We are profoundly thankful for your generous support and dedication.