Karen Tal

Director General

Karen Tal epitomizes excellence in education leadership, recognized as one of Israel’s foremost educators. Stepping into her role as Director General of Amal Educational Network in August 2022, Karen embarked on a mission to redefine the trajectory of Israel’s future generation through transformative education. Before her tenure at Amal, Karen spearheaded “Insights in Education”, a pioneering non-profit organization where she served as Executive Director for a decade. Under her guidance, the organization championed schools in Israel’s periphery, recognizing them as pivotal pillars in students’ lives—addressing not only educational but also social and emotional needs. Karen’s visionary leadership fostered a holistic approach, emphasizing the cultivation of identities and vibrant communities within schools.

Karen’s impact reverberated nationally during her tenure as Executive Director of the Bialik Rogozin Campus in South Tel Aviv. This extraordinary campus, home to students representing 50 different nationalities, many from refugee and migrant backgrounds, underwent a remarkable transformation under Karen’s stewardship. Her initiatives, including securing philanthropic and corporate funding for extended hours, nourishment, and enrichment programs, reshaped the school and its community. Karen’s efforts were not only recognized with prestigious national education accolades but also immortalized in the Oscar-winning documentary “Strangers No More,” which documented her groundbreaking work. Educated at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with dual degrees in education, she brings a wealth of expertise and passion to her role at Amal.

Karen is deeply honored to lead Amal Educational Network, an institution with a rich legacy in shaping the fabric of the State of Israel. She eagerly anticipates applying her holistic model to the Amal community, envisioning its ascent to become Israel’s preeminent education provider. Under her leadership, Amal is poised to redefine educational excellence and nurture the leaders of tomorrow.

Karen’s email is: karenT@amalnet.k12.il

Tamar Peled-Amir

Deputy Director General

As Deputy CEO, Tamar overseas the planning and implementation of the Amal Educational Network’s strategic plan and its holistic mission. She also leads key organizational programs to ensure the sequence between education and employment, as a key milestone for social mobility. Prior to joining Amal in 2022, Tamar held senior positions in the Prime Minister’s office for 12 years. There, she was primarily in charge of implementing Israel’s strategic plan to improve public service by cultivating managerial and professional human capital.

Tamar holds two degrees in Law from both the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (LL.B) and from Tel Aviv University (LL.M, Summa Com Laude). She served as an attorney for 13 years specializing in Children’s rights and the connection between law, social services, welfare and education. Tamar is a social activist who led many initiatives that make education accessible for all and sat in a number of public committees on matters of children and the law. She is also an expert lecturer on childrens rights and its regulation in Israel. Tamar is a strong believer in interdisciplinary and intersectorial collaborations to ease processes and advance education.

Tamar’s email is: tamarP@amalnet.k12.il

Batya Katz

Chief Pedagogical Officer

Batya is the head of Pedagogy at Amal Educational Network. She spent most of her career in Ort, a global educational network, where she started as a teacher and worked her way up to become a head teacher and a principal. Since 2008, Batya has been the principal of three different schools in the network: Ort Horowitz in Carmiel, Ort Psagot in Carmiel, one of the top schools in Israel, where she was shortlisted for one of the best principals in the network, also due to dramatically raising the percentage of students allegeable to take the matriculation exams from 60% to 90%.

After moving from the north to Tel Aviv, Batya became the principal of Ort Givatayim for three years before deciding to take a senior position as Head of Education in Amal Educational Network. Batya holds a BA in Humanities and a master’s in Public Administration, specializing in Local Authorities Management – Both from Haifa University. She also holds special diplomas: in an Executive Training Program, a Human Resource Management course and a diploma from a Company Directors Course – all from Haifa University. Batya joined Amal believing her long standing achievements in education will pave way for unleashing the potential of Amal students.

Batya’s email is: batyak@amalnet.k12.il

Itay Hoter

Chief Financial Officer

Itay has recently started his role as CFO. With nearly two decades of professional expertise spanning various sectors, Itay brings a wealth of experience to the role of CFO. In his recent tenure as CEO of an economic consulting firm, he specialized in delivering tailored solutions for municipal economic challenges and optimizing state budgets for local authorities. His leadership ensured the provision of top-tier consulting services while fostering financial sustainability for clients. Prior to this, his tenure as Deputy Director General for Economics at the Federation Of Local Authorities In Israel honed his ability to navigate complex regulatory landscapes and advocate effectively for the fiscal interests of local authorities. Over a decade in this role, he represented municipalities at governmental and legislative forums, driving impactful policy decisions and securing crucial budgetary allocations.

Itay’s academic background, including a bachelor’s degree in economics, an MBA, and a master’s in law, combined with certifications such as Certified Procurement Manager, underpin his strategic acumen. Additionally, completion of the leadership program with Maoz and Harvard University underscores his commitment to continuous growth and innovation in financial leadership. Itay is eager to leverage this diverse skill set and experience to drive financial excellence and strategic growth at Amal Educational Network. In his free time, he enjoys music, mountain biking and hiking.

Itay’s Email is: ItayH@amalnet.k12.il

Yael Nevo

Chief Information Officer

Yael Nevo serves as Chief Information Officer (CIO) in Amal since 2021. Yael leads the area of Information Technology, Information Systems and Information Security for Amal’s headquarters, Amal’s various schools as well as the many projects initiated and supported by the network.

Yael brings many years of experience in managing Information Systems and technology, defining IT strategy, goals and objectives, selection and development of infrastructure and business applications. Yael is experienced in leading changes, introducing innovation, and streamlining processes in both Local and Global technological complex organizations. Prior to joining Amal, Yael’s last role was Global CIO in RAD Data Communications. Before that she held various technological management roles in the Hi-tech industry including Amdocs, Partner (Orange Israel) and Hot Mobile.

Yael holds a Bachelor of Science (BSC) degree in Mathematics and Computer Science and an MBA degree – all from Tel Aviv University. She decided to join Amal when realizing how technology can improve students’ motivation to learn and feel part of a community.

Yael’s email is: yaeln@amalnet.k12.il

Itay Rosenfeld

Head of Technological Education

Itai Rosenfeld heads the technological education, innovation and business development unit in Amal. He has joined the education world following a long career in the high-tech industry. In his previous roles he served in a variety of managerial positions leading large organizations including over 20 years with the semiconductor chip-maker, Applied Materials, where in the last 5 years he was the company’s General Manager, head of the Business Unit and President of the company’s Israeli operations.

Itai is a graduate of the Israeli technological education system and holds a Practical Engineer diploma as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from Tel-Aviv University. He believes that a top quality Technology Education that is open to all is a key factor to narrowing societal gaps and build a healthy society.

Itay’s email is: itayR@amalnet.k12.il

Asher Ben Shoshan

Head of Human Resources

Asher joined Amal in 2023. He is an experienced HR professional who spent most of his career in large organizations overseeing all aspects of human resources. As part of his role in Amal, Asher leads the HR strategy in the network, including programs to improve organizational culture and professional development. In his 25 years in the field, Asher served as Vice President of HR and Administration at Mekorot Maim Ltd., as VP of HR and Administration in the municipality of Tel Aviv-Jaffa and as VP of HR at Alon Mega Retail Group.

Asher holds an Executive Master in Public Policy from Tel Aviv University and a B-Tech in Industrial Management and Engineering which he graduated with honors. Asher believes that the Amal community is the network’s most significant asset and does its utmost to listen, cultivate and offer relief and benefits to those in need.

Asher’s email is: asherb@amalnet.k12.il

Yair Boukaei

Head of Logistics Administration

Yair Bukai is the dynamic leader spearheading logistics administration at Amal Educational Network since 2011. With over two decades of professional experience in procurement and logistics across diverse sectors, Yair brings vast expertise to his role. His responsibilities encompass a wide array of logistical areas, including engineering and construction, safety and licensing, procurement and equipment, and framework agreements for service provision and maintenance. At the helm of the administration, Yair orchestrates pivotal activities essential for the smooth functioning of the network. From managing assets and building infrastructure to overseeing the operation and maintenance of network offices, his leadership ensures the seamless support of core pedagogical activities.

Additionally, Yair plays a pivotal role in fostering innovation by planning and establishing cutting-edge learning spaces while continuously enhancing the physical infrastructure of schools. Yair’s academic credentials further underscore his dedication to excellence. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in social sciences, a master’s degree in supply chain management, and certifications in logistics and procurement management, he combines academic rigor with practical acumen. Yair is a member of the Israeli Supply Chain Management Association (ISCMA), the leading Supply Chain professional organization in Israel, and in The Israeli Purchasing and Logistics Management Society. In addition to his role in Amal, Yair is also a drummer in a band that plays in various clubs, gatherings and events.

Yair’s Email is: YairB@amalnet.k12.il

Avi Meidan

Head of Adult Vocational Learning

Avi Meidan joined Amal Educational Network in 2016 after a long career in education. Avi manages the pedagogy of 15 vocational colleges across Israel that train approximately 5,000 mature students in a variety of technological professions. Prior to managing Amal Vocational Colleges, Avi had been the principal of the prestigious Holtz vocational high school in Tel Aviv that is unique in its collaboration with the Israeli Air Force. Avi is the first Holtz graduate that has been appointed as principal of its Alma Mater. Avi holds an M.Ed in Educational Management from Derby University in England and a B.Sc. in Electricity from Tel Aviv University, which he later complemented with a teaching certificate. Avi is determined to offer more training courses to Amal Colleges as part of Amal’s vision to successfully lead its students from education to employment so that all students fulfill their potential.

Avi’s Email is: avime@amalnet.k12.il

Yael Nathanel

Director of Development

Yael is a seasoned professional in Resource Development and fundraising who brings extensive experience coupled with a deep understanding in the fields of Marketing and Corporate Communication. In her previous positions she worked alongside three TAU Law Faculty deans and brought to fruition several projects that improved Israeli legal education. Prior to that she worked for Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital in Tel Aviv and Hadassah International in London and raised support globally.

She successfully secured funding for transformative projects, including the Center for Emergency Medicine at Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem, she co-founded the Law Alumni Association at TAU and led the development team at the Israel Democracy Institute in Jerusalem. With a Master’s in Corporate Communication and a Bachelor’s in Film Theory and Production, Yael is an excellent storyteller and brings a creative flur to her relationship with Amal’s friends and supporters. Joining the Amal Educational Network in 2023, Yael firmly believes in the need to invest in education as a lifeline for Israel’s prosperity and resilience. Alongside being a passionate Zionist and a social activist, Yael loves to travel for live concerts.

Yael’s email is: yaelna@amalnet.k12.il  

Pini Bar-Shmuel

Internal Controller

Pini is an experienced certified accountant who has worked for international accounting firms before joining educational networks, like Ort and Amal. He spent a large part of his career in RSM Global where he served as an Internal Audit partner. He decided to enter the education sector after being involved with his children’s school and understanding the gaps existing in education. In Ort, Pini was responsible for setting up the financial framework and managing the accounting with the different authorities where the network’s schools are located.

Pini holds a BA in Business from Israel’s College of Management. He believes good internal auditing improves processes and contributes to the organization and takes pride in the benefits he brings to Amal, one of Israel’s long standing and unique educational networks.

Pini’s email is: Pini@amalnet.k12.il

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