Amal Educational Network is Inspired by each one of its Students

Amal Educational Network, established in 1928 as the educational arm of the Histadrut, is considered today Israel's most unique and versatile education provider. Amal started as a network of vocational schools to ecquip Jewish students, mostly new immigrants, with skills needed to build the country and its economy. Today, Amal has more than 50 middle schools and high schools throughout Israel with 30,000 students, Jews and non Jews alike. It is the most diverse educational network with an enormous potential to uphold democratic values while excelling in 21st century's competencies to gurentee Israel's future.

Donate To Israel's Future: A Call to Action for the Amal Community

As Israel navigates the repercussions of recent budgetary constraints imposed by the government, due to ongoing wartime activities and the imperative of economic revival, the Amal community—a vibrant group of 100,000 individuals—finds itself at a critical juncture, urgently requiring external financial support. This challenging moment brings to light the essential need to ensure our students are provided with the comprehensive support necessary to thrive socially, emotionally, and financially. Our actions are deeply inspired by the core Jewish principles and the indomitable spirit that characterizes Israel, driving us to ensure that no member of our community is left to face these trials alone. We kindly invite you to contribute to our projects, which are meticulously designed to rejuvenate the spirit of learning and instill hope in the hearts of our youth. Your contribution to donate to Israel represents a crucial pillar of support for Israel, offering the children of the Amal community a chance to reclaim their educational journeys and aspirations. We express our profound gratitude for your willingness to stand with us, as each donation embodies the collective resolve to overcome adversity and forge a promising path forward for the generations to come.

Broadening Horizons: Education for All Ages and Backgrounds

Amal schools are spread over 20 local and regional authorities, across the length and breadth of the country. Amal operates 51 schools of various types, with an estimated number of 30,000 students and nearly 3,000 staff members, from all groups in Israeli society: Arabs, Druze, Bedouins, secular Jews, national-religious and ultra-Orthodox Jews. In terms of age, the schools are divided to 32 high schools and 19 middle schools. In terms of subjects learned and ministerial affiliation, the schools are divided to 30 interdisciplinary that are governed by the Ministry of Education, 9 that are scientific and technological and 11 that are vocational and governed by the Ministry of Labour and Welfare. Some of the students in our network come from Israel’s social and geographic periphery. In these cases, the schools serve as a significant springboard to social and economical success. The network has set its flag on becoming a leading educational provider for democratic values, based on its social-democratic heritage which reflects the vision put forward by the Declaration of Independence: social justice, freedom and equality, diligence and excellence, flexibility and innovation. The network works to reduce socio-economic gaps and strives to give each one of its graduates the toolbox necessary to become an informed and engaged citizen as well as the motivation to pursue her or his ambitions and aspirations.

Pioneering Programs: Fostering Engineering and Vocational Skills

This program is unique to Israeli education as it allows students to continue to their 13th and 14th grade and become technicians and practical engineers, paving their way to the professional and academic world. It is also unique as it addresses the needs of the Israeli market and the hitech industry. The program focuses on providing a strong foundation in fundamental principles of science and mathematics, along with hands-on training in technical skills. More topics that are covered during this 2 years program are mathematics, physics, chemistry, and communication skills. Students also study basic programming courses such as coding and computational skills, which are increasingly important in modern engineering fields. They may also explore different engineering disciplines through introductory courses and advanced mathematics courses. Introduction to engineering ethics and professional development courses are often included to instill ethical considerations and prepare students for the professional aspects of engineering practice. The goal of this program is to build a strong academic and practical foundation that prepares students to transition seamlessly into the more specialized and advanced engineering coursework in the latter part of the program. It provides a well-rounded education that combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills, making students ready for the challenges of engineering disciplines.

Innovation Centers


Amal Adult Education: Professional and Vocational Training Programs

The Amal Educational Network’s vocational arm, known as “The Amal Achievements,” plays a pivotal role in equipping adults across Israel with the technological skills and qualifications demanded by the nation’s workforce. This comprehensive program provides a wide array of educational opportunities ranging from engineering degrees and technician certifications to specialized retraining for academics and skill-based courses for those without prior qualifications. With its extensive reach across various Israeli locales, the program is designed to foster professional growth and open new career pathways through workshops, enrichment studies, and preparatory courses, ensuring participants are well-prepared for the technological challenges of today’s job market.