Our Vision: Fostering Equality and Innovation in Education

Amal’s educational vision is to cultivate informed citizens, with a strong sense of identity and with a set of values, skills and capabilities to nevigate in a complex and ever changing society. It aims to use its diversity and resources to open up possibilities for its graduates to become leaders in a shared society.

The network works to promote advanced scientific and technological education, based on the premise that digital literacy, entrepreneurship and innovation are essential skills that will prepare Amal graduates for the next steps in their lives as adults. At the same time, the network works to inculcate civic education, based on the democratic values of equality, tolerance, solidarity, pluralism, critical thinking, inclusion, complexity and social justice.

The network encourages its students to volunteer and initiate projects to strengthen the common denominator in a fragmented reality in an effort to strengthen the resilience of Israeli society.

Students at Amalnet learning about aerodynamics with handmade parachute models, under a memorial wall, symbolizing the educational support you contribute to with 'Donate to Israel'

Building Bridges through Inclusive Education

Amal Educational Network implements a holistic model that sees the school as the focal point of its community. Each school is encouraged to explore its environment and collaborate with organizations that operate in its proximity. Academic institutions, small and large businesses and non for profit organizations are invited to enrich students learning experience and develop their sense of regional pride and belonging. Building bridges also refers to mitigate cultural and societal divides by developing each student’s unique identity: personal, communal, societal and international. By embracing diversity, encourage dialogue, and empower students to acknowledge complexity and become architects of coexistence, ensuring education serves as the cornerstone for a harmonious and progressive Israel.

Empowering Students: Diverse Backgrounds are springboards to Influence

Amal Educational Network is dedicated to empowering students from the rich tapestry of Israeli society. Its schools provide them with opportunities to shape their own influential path. Our approach is holistic, designed to nurture, not just academic prowess, but also the personal growth and social skills necessary for success in the global community.

Through innovative learning strategies and a supportive environment, we guide students from diverse backgrounds discover their passions, cultivate their talents, and develop the resilience and adaptability they need to thrive. Amal is committed to ensuring that every student has the chance to excel and become a contributing member of society, fostering a generation of informed citizens, skilled individuals and compassionate leaders.

Preparing Leaders for Tomorrow in Various Fields

Amal Educational Network is a catalyst for nurturing the next generation of leaders across various sectors. Our educational philosophy emphasizes interdisciplinary learning, critical thinking, and ethical leadership, equipping students with a robust intellectual foundation and practical skills. By fostering a spirit of innovation and civic responsibility, Amal prepares young individuals to lead with confidence and compassion, ready to tackle the challenges of our complex society and contribute meaningfully to diverse fields, such as technology, humanities, and the sciences.

Donate To Israel: Support the Amal Community

Facing budget cuts due to war and economic challenges, the Amalnet community of 100,000 students, educators and parents, urgently needs philanthropic support. Our initiatives aim to support our students’ social, emotional, and financial needs, ensuring no one is left behind, guided by Jewish values and the spirit of Israel. Donate to Israel as your contribution now is vital to helping Israel and the Amal students recover and thrive.