Social Emotional Learning

Amal believes that Social emotional learning (SEL) and mental health should become imperative components of every school's mission. The war in Gaza has posed unimaginable challenges for Israel's education system. Students are left scarred, and fearful and still experience symptoms of post-trauma even if they have not been part of war-related incidents. Teaching practices that provide social-emotional support create classroom environments where students can learn and develop. This approach helps to understand students who show signs of difficulties and allows teachers to intervene based on a holistic understanding of student experiences.

Donate To Israel: Empower the Amal Community Through Your Support

In the wake of the Israeli government's decision to enact substantial budget reductions across all ministries due to the dual pressures of ongoing conflict and the imperative to rebuild the nation's economy, the Amal community, which encompasses a vibrant and diverse population of 100,000 individuals, finds itself at a critical juncture. The need for philanthropic support has never been more acute, as we strive to ensure that our students maintain their educational pursuits and receive the vital social, emotional, and financial backing required to navigate these tumultuous times. Anchored in the rich tapestry of Jewish values and propelled by the resilient spirit that defines Israel, our mission to provide unwavering support to every member of our community has taken on new urgency. We invite you to join us in this endeavor by exploring our various initiatives designed to rekindle the joy of learning and foster a sense of hope among our youth. Your contribution to donate and support Israel, especially the young minds and hearts of the Amal community, is a powerful statement of solidarity and commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders and innovators. As we face these challenges head-on, your generosity embodies the collective resolve to ensure that adversity does not dim the bright future we envision for our students. We thank you profoundly for your support, recognizing that we can truly make a difference through such acts of kindness and commitment.

Amal Debate Club: Enhancing Skills in Communication and Empathy

Amal would like to launch a Debate Club across its 19 middle schools. The year long program will teach students how to formulate arguments, actively listen and respectfully disagree with their peers. Isreal is no short of debate topics that students are passionate about. By Dividing the students into teams, have them create a structured argument and respond to their classmates, students will understand the benefits of listening while gaining confidence and release emotions. Eventually they will also gain practice in public speaking, another leadership capability and an asset for life.

Expanding SEL: Cultivating Empathy and Resilience Across Schools

Social-emotional learning (SEL) has gained significant recognition worldwide and has been integrated into the curricula of many schools. SEL programs are usually a school-wide approach, designed to promote positive behavior through practical strategies for managing stress and promoting well-being. SEL usually covers topics such as empathy, emotion management, and problem-solving through engaging lessons, group and individual therapy sessions and circle of discussions to promote empathy, and strengthen relationships. Incorporating literature, music, art, and drama into the curriculum also provides avenues for students to explore and express their emotions. The Program will  provide students with a variety of  opportunities to discuss personal and social challenges, set goals, and receive guidance from trusted adults. The programs requires a school coordinator who will be in charge of selecting the methods used according to the school climate and needs.