Since 2012, Amal has established seven state-of-the-art entrepreneurship centers across Israel, with plans for two more. These centers follow a unique model that blends entrepreneurial education with deep, practical knowledge in various fields, preparing students for careers in high-tech, marketing, advertising, and independent business ventures. The centers are supported by industry experts and mentors from top global companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Intel, and collaborate with prestigious academic institutions including Ben Gurion University and Tel Aviv University.

Amal’s flagship three-year scientific-technological entrepreneurship program, starting in the 9th grade, is designed to develop students into future business leaders. This prestigious program offers specialized tracks in software development, industrial design, precision agriculture, digital media, and more. Students gain practical skills to turn ideas into real projects and are mentored by industry professionals, providing a head start in their careers.

Our entrepreneurship centers are designed to foster creativity and innovation, offering students the opportunity to engage with seasoned entrepreneurs and learn from their experiences. Through hands-on projects, students develop, grow, and thrive, gaining a competitive edge in the job market. The program also includes workshops on job market preparation, personal interviews, and financial literacy, ensuring students are well-prepared for their future careers and academic pursuits.

The Amal Innovation Centers are not just about entrepreneurship; they embody our holistic vision of connecting students and teachers with the community, academia, industry, and the military. We aim for excellence in all areas—social and technological. The centers promote a culture of innovation, social involvement, and technological leadership, with a strong focus on artificial intelligence.