Shared Society

The Amal network has a long term policy to strengthening social solidarity and fostering commitment to democratic values in all its schools, colleges and programs. As the former educational arm of the Israel Labour Federation, and currently the most diverse educational network in Israel, educating Jews and non Jewish groups alike, Amal believes it should leverage its capacity to instill a new concept of partnership among its community. Social integration is the only way to address the unique challenges arising from Israel's dual identity as a Jewish nation-state and a liberal democracy. Under the Amal Educational network, we aim to create cross-disciplinary synergies and to foster respectful dialogues within various groups that create the delicate fabric of contemporary Israeli society.

Support Amalnet, Donate to Israel

The programs we would like to offer are meant to encourage tolerance, understanding and better familiarity with the groups that surround us. Studying Arabic in Jewish schools, both spoken and written, from an early age, is a necessary step towards achieving these goals. Hebrew must be mandatory as a second language in non Jewish schools to help minorities in Israel. This would bring better integration into society, economy and local culture.  Summer camps are another project Amal is determined to promote. The War in Gaza left Israeli youth scarred, fearfull and suspicious. Amal aims to follow successful models across Jewish communities around thw world and offer Summer Camps around specific themes to all its students. These camps will invite students from Amal schools across Israel and provide relief and resilience in several intensive days in a distant location, and will include social encounters, pedagogic and adventurous activities, moderated discussions and altogether memorable experiences. Your contribution to donate to Israel by aiding the Amal network is crucial now more than ever, as it directly impacts the lives of our youth and the future trajectory of Israel

Promoting Social Resilience and Identity Formation in Israeli Schools

The emotional, social, and pedagogical challenges faced by our schools as a result of the war in Gaza and the long standing conflict demand a proactive response to ensure the well-being and resilience of our students and staff. In response to these challenges, Amal has started implementing a comprehensive strategy focused on identity formation. Our goals include the training of the  educational teams with the necessary skills and tools to effectively address issues of social resilience, identity, and belonging, building trust and confidence between network management and educational teams to foster trust, support, and confidence in addressing identity issues amidst challenging circumstances and utilizing research-Based pedagogy through the guidance and expertise of research institutions. Funding is requested to cover expenses associated with organizing conferences, workshops, seminars, research collaborations, and related materials. With your support, we can ensure that our schools remain bastions of social justice, freedom, and equality.

Empowering Unity Through English Education

Amal Educational Network pioneers unity through English education in Israel, impacting diverse communities. Five innovative projects—Debate as Bridge, Model UN, Poetry Slam, Social Entrepreneurship, and the MIT Mentoring Program—serve as catalysts for intercultural dialogue and peacebuilding. These initiatives aim to teach English in an experiencial way while empowering students, including those from the social periphery, fostering understanding and respect. From debating societal issues to tackling entrepreneurship challenges, students hone English skills while forging friendships across cultural boundaries. To extend the reach of these projects from hundreds to thousands of children, philanthropic support is essential. By investing in these initiatives, supporters contribute to Israel’s future, promoting tolerance, cooperation, and democratic values. These projects offer transformative experiences, enabling students to engage, connect, and grow together.

Summer Camps: Healing and Building Resilience

The aftermath of the Gaza War has deeply affected Israeli youth, leaving them scarred, fearful, and distrustful. Amal seeks to address these challenges by implementing successful models from Jewish communities worldwide, offering transformative summer camps to its students. These camps go beyond traditional education, providing holistic growth encompassing social, emotional, and therapeutic dimensions. Participants develop vital life skills like resilience and confidence, fostering connections with peers from diverse backgrounds. In Israel’s complex landscape, these camps serve as therapeutic havens, offering a safe space for healing from trauma. By uniting students from different backgrounds, they dissolve suspicion and mistrust, fostering understanding through shared experiences, collaborative problem-solving, and supportive friendships. Israeli summer camps thus emerge as more than educational settings; they become powerful agents of unity, empathy, and healing in the face of adversity.

Language Programs: Connecting Cultures

Today, Arab Israeli and Jewish teens are not familiar with each other’s language when they finish school. The Program believes that by fostering language proficiency in Arabic across Jewish schools and Hebrew across Bedouin and Arab-Israeli communities, we could break down barriers, and provide a unique opportunity for Amal students to immerse themselves in the rich cultural tapestry that defines Israel. By learning each other’s languages, students will gain a deeper understanding of the historical, linguistic, and cultural nuances that shape the identities of their peers. The program seeks to cultivate empathy by encouraging direct engagement and shared experiences. Through language learning, students will develop the ability to appreciate different perspectives, fostering compassion and breaking down stereotypes. Learning a new language is not merely an academic exercise; it is an immersive experience that allows individuals to connect on a profound level. The bonds formed between Jewish and Arab-Israeli students can serve as a foundation for lasting friendships and partnerships, transcending divisive narratives.

Research and Development Unit for unity and innovation

Amal Educational Network aspires to to reopen its Pedagogical Center to provide a strong educational foundation for its 50 schools amidst a rapidly evolving landscape. As an education provider in a competitive field, Amal faces significant challenges, including the transformative impact of AI on educational practices and the pressing need to address societal polarization in Israel. This is particularly valid as Amal Schools are spread across all groups of Israeli society. Schools are crucial for fostering balanced perspectives and mitigating extreme views, hence must adopt content and activities to respond to such challenges.

Reopening the Pedagogical Center is critical for Amal to adapt and lead in this dynamic environment. This center will synthesize innovative educational methodologies with Amal’s vision. By investing in this initiative, donors will support the conceptualization process that leads to the transformation of Israel’s education system. With this center, Amal aims to spearhead educational advancements in Israel for years to come, ensuring its schools not only keep pace with but also set new standards in educational excellence.

Civic Innovation Hubs

Civic Innovation Hubs is a transformative initiative aimed at embedding democratic education within schools across Israel’s diverse demographic groups. By establishing unique pedagogical hubs led by dedicated coordinators, the project seeks to empower teachers and students with the skills necessary for active citizenship. Coordinators, supported by Amal Experts, will assess democratic practices, create annual programs, and organize tailor-made study days to engage educators. These hubs will train teachers in managing complex discourse, promoting ethical responsibility, and combating misinformation, ensuring that democratic values are deeply integrated into the curriculum and school culture.

The initiative places a special emphasis on civil engagement, encouraging students to participate in social organizations, civic campaigns, and hackathons. At the end of each year, the project’s impact will be evaluated through feedback from both teachers and students, with the ultimate goal of expanding the program over 3-5 years. Through Civic Innovation Hubs, Amal aims to foster informed and active citizens who would contribute to society.

Annual School Journeys into Israeli Society and Democracy

The Amal Educational Network is seeking funding to launch “Journey into Israeli Society and Democracy,” a week-long initiative integral to its transformation into Israel’s first Mamlachti-Democratic education network. This initiative aims to provide students with an inclusive understanding of Israeli society through curated meetings, activities, lectures, and trips that emphasize democratic values and shared societal responsibilities. This program is unique as it aims to involve students, parents and teachers in its design, ensuring it reflects the diverse and multifaceted nature of Israeli society. The objectives of the journey are to promote diversity and inclusion by exposing students to various communities within Israel, such as Arabs, Druze, and Bedouins; foster democratic values through interactive sessions; expand religious understanding by teaching about different religions; and encourage community involvement.

Donate to Israel: A Call for Philanthropic Investment


In light of the Israeli government’s announcement of significant budget reductions across all ministries due to wartime exigencies and the imperative of economic recovery, the Amal community—a vibrant collective of 100,000 individuals—urgently appeals for philanthropic contributions. This critical juncture demands our collective action to fortify financial resilience and provide comprehensive support to our students, encompassing their social, emotional, and financial well-being. Anchored by our enduring Jewish principles and the indomitable spirit of Israel, we stand unwavering in our commitment to support every member of our community. We invite you to explore our initiatives, meticulously crafted to rekindle hope and reignite the passion for learning among our youth. Your generosity towards Israel, particularly the children of Amal, is more crucial than ever. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your support.