The Accelerated Engineering Program offered by Amalnet is a pioneering initiative within Israeli education, designed to propel students into the realms of technology and engineering. This program uniquely extends education into the 13th and 14th grades, allowing students to emerge as qualified technicians and practical engineers. Tailored to meet the demands of Israel’s high-tech industry, the curriculum is grounded in the core principles of science and mathematics, enriched with hands-on technical training, and complemented by courses in programming, engineering ethics, and professional development. This comprehensive approach ensures students are not only academically prepared but also practically skilled to navigate the complexities of modern engineering fields.

Strengthening the Amal Community Amidst Financial Challenges

In light of the recent economic challenges and conflicts, leading to substantial cuts in government funding, the Amal network—comprising a diverse community of over 100,000 members—is actively seeking philanthropic contributions to maintain its essential educational programs. At this crucial time, we emphasize the importance of solidarity, drawing on our shared Jewish values and the resilient spirit of Israel, to ensure that no individual in our community is left behind. We invite you to discover and donate to our thoughtfully developed projects, designed to reignite a passion for learning and provide necessary social and emotional support. Your decision to donate to Israel by supporting the Amal network is incredibly significant, as it directly influences the well-being of our youth and secures the future of Israel. We express our heartfelt gratitude for your generous and steadfast support.