Amal Educational Network pioneers unity through English education in Israel, impacting diverse communities. Five innovative projects—Debate as Bridge, Model UN, Poetry Slam, Social Entrepreneurship, and the MIT Mentoring Program—serve as catalysts for intercultural dialogue and peacebuilding. These initiatives aim to teach English in an experiencial way while empowering students, including those from the social periphery, fostering understanding and respect. From debating societal issues to tackling entrepreneurship challenges, students hone English skills while forging friendships across cultural boundaries. To extend the reach of these projects from hundreds to thousands of children, philanthropic support is essential. By investing in these initiatives, supporters contribute to Israel’s future, promoting tolerance, cooperation, and democratic values. These projects offer transformative experiences, enabling students to engage, connect, and grow together.

Amalnet students representing different countries at a Model UN event, engaged in global dialogue and diplomacy, illustrating the educational empowerment through 'Donate to Israel.