June 9, 2024

What Can We Learn from Shavuot?

In preparation for Shavuot, the Amal Network headquarters held a gathering to mark the holiday and to regain strength and hope amidst the ongoing war. The holiday commemorates the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai as well as the grain harvest for the summer. In biblical times, Shavuot was one of three pilgrimage festivals in which all the Jewish men would go to Jerusalem and bring their first fruits as offerings to God.

Karen Tal, Amal’s Director General, speaks of hope in the Shavuot gathering.

The get-together took place just one day after the heroic rescue operation of four hostages, an operation that released Almog Meir Jan, an Amal graduate. During the meeting, the Amal staff expressed their hope for the safe return of all 120 hostages, the recovery of the wounded, and the safety of IDF soldiers.

Shavuot has a beautiful tale that symbolizes kindness and hope. The story tells of two brothers who inherited a wheat field. They worked the field together, sharing the labor and the yield. As time passed, one brother married and had children, while the other remained single. One night, the unmarried brother, thinking of his brother’s greater needs, secretly transferred some of his sheaves to his brother’s field. Unbeknownst to him, his married brother, wishing to bring some joy to his unmarried sibling, did the same. When they both noticed no change in the number of sheaves, they repeated their actions the next night and met each other in the field. They embraced, moved by their mutual love and selflessness. It is said that in the place where the brothers met, the temple was later built.

In these days of severe rifts within Israeli society and amidst ongoing conflict in the south and north of Israel, this tale serves as a poignant reminder of the lessons Shavuot brings: the importance of unity, compassion, and putting others’ needs alongside our own for the betterment of society.

June 4, 2024

Champions! Gilboa/Ma’Aianoth Triumphs in National Basketball Finals

Congratulations to the Gilboa/Ma’Aianoth basketball club team, year 10, for winning the national basketball championship, with their victory over the men’s little league team of Hapo’El Tel Aviv. Well done to the students of the Multidisciplinary School of Amal Emek Harod, who demonstrated an outstanding ability, and led the group to the impressive achievement. Winning is a result of hard work, many hours of training every week that builds resilience and a sense of community. This achievement is also a result of a committed leadership that supported the young players.

The Amal Educational Network also thanks the head of the Gilboa Regional Council, Danny Atar, the principal of the Multidisciplinary School Amal Emek Harod, Lilach Stein, the Amal’s regional supervisor, Yoav Kosan, to the head of the basketball club, Liran Vinikor, and of course to the coach, Dan Katzir, and his outstanding players. The entire Amal family is proud of you!

June 2, 2024

In the Midst of war, Amal Students Shine as Exemplary Volunteers

The student, Azal Abada (third from the left), receives her honorary award!

Amid the ongoing war, the students of Amal Education Network have demonstrated remarkable dedication to community service, showcasing the diversity and resilience of Israeli society. This month, three exceptional students from the network were honored with the prestigious Minister of Education’s Award for Outstanding Volunteerism, named in memory of the late Elad Rivan. The award celebrates the voluntary efforts of Mayar Khatib from the Druze community of Yanoch Jat, Azal Abada from the Bedouin settlement of Zarzir, and Shoham Biton from the city of Safed. The ceremony, held under the theme: “Youth Leadership in a Crisis,” highlighted the importance of youth involvement in general and especially in times of national turmoil.

May 26, 2024

Driving Change: Zarzir Council and Amal Network Plan for Inclusive, Future-Ready Education

The Director General of the Amal Educational Network, Karen Tal, recently held a meeting with the head of the Zarzir Council, Ataf Grifat, to discuss the ongoing development and educational initiatives in the northern town of Zarzir. During the meeting, Grifat emphasized his commitment to the development of Zarzir, highlighting that responsibility is a personal duty and an integral part of the town’s vision for growth.

The discussions focused on the network’s transition to become State-Democratic, embracing all groups within Israeli society. The importance of equipping local children with the necessary tools and values to excel in academia and future career stages was underscored. Additionally, the meeting addressed the need to bridge formal and informal education in Zarzir and expressed a desire to integrate both students and educational staff into the technological sphere through professional training. The potential of AI to personalize teaching methods was also a key point of discussion. Amal Educational Network continues to strive towards innovation in education, which includes the latest pedagogical models, value-based education and instilling the benefits of shared society in school and in the community.

May 21, 2024

Amal Honors Legacy: Scholarships Awarded to Outstanding Students in Petach Tikva

The Amal Educational Network is proud to announce that 22 exceptional students from the Amal 1st and 2nd multidisciplinary schools in Petach Tikva were awarded scholarships at a prestigious ceremony held this evening. These scholarships were generously donated by alumni of the 1962-1966 second class of electronics, the family of the late Shimon Greenhuis, and Binat Communications. This enduring connection between past graduates and current students exemplifies the spirit and vision of the late Shimon Greenhuis, a revered educator whose legacy continues to inspire. His dedication and exemplary teaching have left an indelible mark on the Amal community, fostering a tradition of excellence and volunteerism.

The graduates of 1962-1966 deserve special recognition for their significant contributions to future generations. Their ongoing volunteer efforts and commitment to the Amal Network are truly commendable. We extend our heartfelt appreciation for their dedication and generosity. To the scholarship recipients, we wish you great success in your academic endeavors. We are confident that with the guidance of school principals Miri Anani and Orit Zilberman, and the support of our devoted educational teams, you will achieve excellence.

We hope that one day, these scholarship recipients will continue this tradition of giving, supporting the next generation of students. For more information on other worthy causes supported by our partners, please go to our Current Projects page.

May 12, 2024

Amal Mourns the Loss of 39 Graduates who Lost their Lives Defending the State of Israel Since October 7, 2023. Their Families will always be part of our Community.